Jack Millie

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Signalman Jack Millie

Jack Millie was one of the radio amateurs recruited as part of the "Bachelors Hall gang". 

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Harcourt, Area 18 Area Signals Section Jun 1942 1943
Bachelor's Hall Instation Royal Signals Support Feb 1941 May 1942
Kent Network, Area 13 Area Signals Section 1943 Aug 1944
Sevenoaks Control Operator 1943 1943
The Royal Signals

Sep 1939 - May 1940 Signalman with 51st Highland Division Signals, Lance Corporal by Nov 1939

Jun 1940 - Feb 1941 37th Independent Infantry Brigade Signals.

Feb 1941 - Aug 1944 Auxiliary Units (Special Duties)

He was initially stationed at Bachelor's Hall as part of the design and development team.

In late 1942 in a motorcycle accident he broke a couple of fingers while Wales

After Wales he moved to run the Area Royal Signals section in Kent

Sep 1944 - Nov 1945 16th T.M. Section 21 Army Group

Nov 1945 Demobbed.

Other information

Wireless amateur callsign GM8MQ


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Roy Russell
Churchill's Underground Army by John Warwicker