Beech House, Wroxham, Norfolk

The East Norfolk Scout Section was based Beech House in Wroxham on the Norfolk Broads. The site comprised a large house and adjoining garden, requisitioned for use as a base for the Norfolk Auxiliary Units Scouts Patrol. In the 1940s, the property formed part of the Trafford estate. The house has long since been returned to use as a private dwelling, now known as Beech House. It was rented out after the war and eventually sold. 

According to Tom Colquitt, it was mined under the floorboards with guncotton and 36 detonators, and come invasion time pencil detonators would have been added. There was an office downstairs that was manned by a Sergeant (one of the non-operational clerks). There was also a kitchen and an eating area. Upstairs were bedrooms fitted with two to four army beds. Tom Colquitt shared a room with a Norfolk Lance Corporal and Chalky, Alfie and Bob shared another room. Lieutenant Pike had a room to his own and Capt. Woodward lived elsewhere. An RASC Sergeant and driver Curtain shared another room.

During the war there was an Operational Base in the grounds, though this is no longer the case as the gardens are much smaller.

Property Purpose
Scout Section Headquarters
Beech House
The Avenue
Norwich NR12 8TS

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Beech House Wroxham

Tom Colquitt

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