We aim to make this size as accessible as possible and strive towards meeting WCAG 2.1 AA standards. Regarding any areas where we could improve, we always welcome your feedback. We will try to fix any such issues in quick time if reasonably possible.

We are currently (10 Sept 2020) aware of the following minor accessibility issues:

  1. Weapons search select box has a poor contrast background highlight
  2. The maps provider (leaflet/open street map) does not allow us to alter the copyright and links message format or  the map, nor individually label the different map markers. We are investigating ways round this.
  3. Some of the hundreds of images on our site may not yet have proper alternative text, we are working though to find these and fix
  4. Some of our search lists return identical names for different items (eg "A. Maclean") and we are unable to distinguish these. This probably will not have a solution at present.

Portions of the site were last tested on 10 September 2020 by VCS Websites, primarily using Siteimprove checking tool.