The Archaeology of Auxiliary Units & CART 360

CART explored the archaeology of the Auxiliary Units as part of the Festival of Archaeology in 2020. With underground hideouts around the coastal areas from the far north of Scotland all along the east coast to South Wales, we could never have run a single face-to-face event covering all these locations. As well as looking at the results of digs at Auxiliary Units sites, the articles in this section explore the many different archaeological techniques and processes that have been applied. We present previously unpublished images and videos from investigations around the country and linked up with professional archaeologists to bring you some state of the art digital investigations.

CART 360°

In 2021 CART successfully applied for a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant as part of their Digital Tranche 8 funding. This project covers Jan 2022 to Nov 2023, recording images with a 360 degree cameras, to be processed into virtual tours which will be embedded across the website.  They can also be viewed in our CART 360 section, along with all the resources developed to support the project.


Please start by watching our introductory video produced by Martyn Allen.

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