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Welcome to the British Resistance Archive

The British Resistance Archive website at www.staybehinds.com is maintained by the Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (CART) to share research about the Auxiliary Units of the Second World War, sometimes known as Churchill's Secret Army, a sabotage organisation set up in 1940 in case of a Nazi invasion. The website covers Operational Patrols and all known personnel, their Headquarters at Coleshill House, the Special Duties Branch which was the secret civilian spy communications network, the Intelligence Officers of the Scout Sections, as well as links to the Special Air Services (SAS) and the Special Operations Executive (SOE) who carried out missions to Occupied Europe with men recruited directly from the Auxiliary Units. The equipment pages detail the specialist kit issued to Auxiliary Units.

All the research is done by CART volunteers but there are significant costs with maintaining and running a site such as this and we always welcome donations to help us keep going, as well as purchases from our online shop.

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