CART's Aims & Objectives

  • Raise public awareness of the Auxiliary Units and their training.
  • Research the Auxiliary Units using the skills and experience of group members and the public.
  • Collate local history and information on all active counties during the WW2.
  • Build an archive of resistance related articles and information, available to all.
  • Record and document¬†Auxiliers stories, to honour their war work and their lives.
  • Provide a search service for relatives.
  • Educate new generations by attending shows, giving talks, and via¬†social media platforms.

Some of our future goals are:

  • More articles for our website, with as much unique content as possible.
  • Continue archaeological fieldwork of Auxiliary Units sites.
  • Provide Welsh Language translation where appropriate
  • Photograph and document all existing OBs for posterity