About CART

The Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (CART) are a group of volunteer researchers and supporters who investigate and record the World War 2 Auxiliary Units. Findings are published on the British Resistance Archive website and constantly updated.

CART is non-profit making and the website is maintained by donations and the revenue it makes from the sale of various items sold in the shop.

To date we have all known Auxiliary Unit members recorded including operational Auxiliers, Intelligence Officers, Scout Sections, Headquarters staff along with Special Duties operators, ATS and Royal Signals.

Since CART's birth on 29th June 2009 the website has attracted TV, radio and national press attention.

The Team have remembered and recorded Auxiliary Units in many ways over the years;

CART organised a march for Auxiliary Units on Remembrance Sunday 2013 at the Cenotaph. It was the first time members of the Auxiliary Units have marched and was a very important day for Auxiliers as they have never had official recognition by the British government.

CART launched an archaeological survey of the GHQ at Coleshill called ‘Coleshill Uncovered’. The Coleshill Reborn project was also launched which investigated the tunnel system under Coleshill House and produced a full set of CAD technical drawings of Coleshill House and the outbuildings.

Various other archaeological surveys and digs have been carried out on many bunker sites.

Auxiliary Unit Memorial Plaques have been placed around the country with CART's involvement

CART created a unique film on the Welsh resistance for the Abergavenny Museum and published 'Gone to Ground', the only known novel by an Auxilier.

CART has also organised many events, most notably at Tottington Manor, the regional Auxiliary training HQ in Sussex. This saw Sussex Intelligence Officer Captain Ian Benson, return and talk for the first time to the public about his top secret work.

Many of the Team give talks to local groups and we attend many shows and events throughout the year.

The team are always looking for new volunteers and researchers to help expand their knowledge and resources.

If you have enjoyed reading this then why not get involved and offer your support?