Operation Jedburgh

The Jedburgh missions were made up of teams of three men, normally two officers and a radio operator, dropped by parachute into France to help coordinate actions of the French resistance after D Day. Subsequently a few teams were also dropped in the Netherlands.

The Jedburgh personnel, known as "Jeds" were selected from SOE and its American equivalent OSS. A team typically consisted of a British or American Officer, with another from the country they were working in, along with a radio operator who was often a sergeant. Unlike many SOE operations, the men worked in uniform. Selected men were sent for 2 weeks commando training in Scotland, followed by further specific training at Milton Hall, near Peterborough.

The first Jedburgh Team to drop was Team Hugh on the night of 5th June. They would operate with the SAS of Operation Bulbasket, which included many former members of Auxilliary Units. In total 101 teams were trained. Once their area of operations were overrun the teams were stood down.

Some of the Jedburgh teams volunteered to serve in the Far east in a similar role.

Participants connected to Auxiliary Units
Herbert Maurice Roe