SOE and the Auxiliary Units

The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was formed in July 1940 at almost exactly the same time as Auxiliary Units. SOE was also formed from the same predecessor organisations, namely MI6's Section D and the War Office MI(R). SOE also incorporated the Foreign Office propaganda organisation EH (Electra House). Essentially SOE contained the overseas elements and Auxiliary Units the elements covering Great Britain, with a few exceptions. 

In November 1940, the Auxiliary Units commander Gubbins was appointed Brigadier and transferred to SOE to head up training, devise operating procedures and liaise with the conventional Armed Forces. He took a number of his staff with him, creating a route that many others would follow.

There was cooperation between the two organisations and they are known to have used each other's facilities at times for training. As the threat of a German invasion receded, a number of Auxiliary Units personnel transferred to SOE as they sought more active service.

As far as is known, none of the Auxiliary Units Patrol members were recruited in this way. We don't have enough information about Special Duties civilian personnel to know if any were involved.

This is not intended as a detailed history of SOE or its extensive operations, but to highlight how Auxiliary Units personnel contributed to its overall success.

There are several SOE Operations where Auxiliary Unit personnel were involved.

This area of the site is still being developed. With no comprehensive records of the personnel of either organisation we would be keen to hear of any possible additions to those recorded on the pages accessible from the menu above.