Inner Control

Special Duties Personnel

No personnel yet known for posting to this Network or Station.

The Jones Map shows an Inner Control Network of Stations linking the Zero stations and connecting back to Coleshill House. It's precise purpose and the location of some of its stations are unknown.

How these stations were maintained and serviced is also unknown, though it seems likely that the nearest Royal Signals Team would have been involved.

Map of Station locations

Bachelor's Hall Instation

Coleshill House Control

Hickleton Hall (Doncaster) Instation

Ousden Control

Salisbury Instation

Ware Control

Wendover Control

Network Station locations
Inner Control HQ - Bachelor's Hall Instation
Inner Control Station A - Hickleton Hall (Doncaster) Instation
Inner Control Station B - Ousden Control
Inner Control Station C - Ware Control
Inner Control Station D - Wendover Control
Inner Control Station E - Coleshill House Control
Inner Control Station F - Salisbury Instation

Jones Map