Wendover Control

Wendover, Buckinghamshire
Call sign
Inner Control Station D
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator Second Subaltern Marjorie Lilian Barden (Miss) Sept 1943 20 Jul 1944
Operator Second Subaltern Myfanwy Janet Purves-Smith (Mrs) Sept 1943 20 Jul 1944
Station description

Possibly this location could be one of the SOE or SIS transmitter/receiver sites known to have existed in North Buckinghamshire, many linked to Bletchley Park, but none of these are at the location indicated on the Jones Map.

It appears from Beatrice Temple's dairy the site may initially have been a lorry and tent. The "new Station" visited in Oct 1943 may have been a more permanent structure or the lorry and tent at a new location.

Beatrice Temple mentions the site many times in her diary while she visited the ATS operatives;

26 Feb 1943 - On to Wendover – billet with all 6 – then to tent – Major Jones explained scheme.

5 Mar 1943 - To Wendover to pay the billets – ATS had all left.

22 Aug 1943 - To Wendover. Billets provisionally booked (spartan billets).

29 Aug 1943 - Doris [Adams-Beck] to Wendover to see about billets.

1 Sep 1943 - Set off for Wendover 2pm – met Janet and Barden for tea in palatial billet – to site – very well rigged up in 3 ton lorry and tent occupied by most mixed population.

5 Sep 1943 - Visited Wendover – both to camp for lunch.

14 Oct 1943 - Doris went to Wendover to meet Winifred [possibly Read or Gregory] and Marjorie at new station.

She visited again 26 Oct 1943 to meet Barden (alone) and again on 10 Jan 1944.

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Wendover Control


Jones Map
Beatrice Temple diary