Marjorie Lilian Barden (Miss)

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Second Subaltern Marjorie Lillian Barden
Life dates
27 Feb 1921 - 02 Mar 2018
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Unit or location Role Posted from until
Tunbridge Wells Instation Operator 29 Jun 1941 1942
Heathfield Instation Operator 1942 1943
Hollingbourne Instation Operator 1943 1943
Hickleton Hall (Doncaster) Instation Operator 1943 1943
Wendover Control Operator Sept 1943 20 Jul 1944
National ID
DHSC 174/1
The Auxiliary Territorial Service
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
29 Jun 1941



In 1939 she is recorded as being in 10th Kent Company ATS.

Marjorie was interviewed and recruited to Auxiliary Unit Signals in September 1940. She worked with Army and civilian personnel: "In June 1941 I attended an Officer Training School in Edinburgh and on graduation as a commissioned Army officer returned to this special unit, having signed an official secrecy document. We worked as a group of two operators in various locations mostly in Kent and Sussex but also served in various areas throughout the country until the Summer of 1944, when were disbanded after D-Day; our job was done. In addition to the Nissen hut we worked in, we also had a very-well hidden underground station in the same general area, where we would operate if the country was invaded. It was well stocked with supplies. Fortunately, we never had to take up permanent residence for the reason it was intended. It was, however used extensively during Army exercises. The stations were in very isolated areas and the nearest Army headquarters supplied our transportation. They were very curious about what type of work we were doing; needless to say we had to be very careful when confronted with questions."

She was visited by Beatrice Temple at the following locations;

Tunbridge Wells 13 Dec 1941, 2 Jan 1942 hut locked. Barden out, 3 Jan 1942 Barden found hut open this AM,

Hannington Hall course 16 May 1942

Heathfield 26 Jun 1942, 18 Sep 1942 "Barden with man beginning the sad business of taking over", 4 Oct 1942 "last time" 27 Nov 1942 "saw alone"

Hollingbourne 27 Jan 1943 though she was not there.

Hickleton Hall 21 May 1943 "cheerful"

Wendover 1 Sept 1943 "Set off for Wendover 2pm – met Janet and Barden for tea in palatial billet – to site – very well rigged up in 3 ton lorry and tent occupied by most mixed population". Also visited on 14 Oct 1943, 26 Oct 1943

28 Garden Street, Gillingham, Kent (1939)
Other information

Feb 14 1943 Beatrice Temple notes in her diary; "letter from Barden saying she had refused to obey Captain Shanks’ orders. Rang Major Jones".

Marjorie married Leslie T. Radford, a Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve officer who had served as a Fleet Air Arm pilot, in late 1945 after the end of the war. They emigrated to Canada where he had trained during the war and where he died in 1965. Marjorie then married Douglas Lester Tarrant in the 1980s.


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