Tunbridge Wells Instation

Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Call sign
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator Second Subaltern Mary Alexander (Miss) 1942 1942
Operator Second Subaltern Priscilla Mary Badgerow (Miss) 1942 1942
Operator Second Subaltern Marjorie Lilian Barden (Miss) 29 Jun 1941 1942
Operator Second Subaltern Phyllis Marion Britten (Mrs) 1942 1942
Operator Second Subaltern Ann Lettice Valborg Gunter (Miss) 1942 1942
Operator Second Subaltern Eleanor Mary Norman-Butler (Miss) 1942 1942
Station description

The site presumably closed pre June 1944 as it does not appear on the Jones Map.

Beatrice Temple diary reports she visited Sevenoaks on Friday 2 Jan 1942 and had "a vain hunt for ATS who have moved to Tunbridge Wells. At Tunbridge Wells – called at Group Headquarters ATS – found hut locked - Barden out. 
Saturday Jan 3
War Department transport and driver to Tunbridge Wells – Barden found hut open this am. Went to CSO’s office (Major Ireland) to report matter".

She visits again through the summer of 1942 and on Nov 27 1942 she reports; "First called at wrong Canadian HQ for 1 Corps HQ – saw Barden (Marjorie) alone". On 5 May 1943 she reports all are cheerful and 16 June all is very good

It is reported to have used the call sign Maidstone. This would be unusual as most network callsign were named for locations a long distance away.

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Tunbridge Wells Instation


Arthur Gabbitas
Beatrice Temple Diary