Kent Network, Area 13

Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from until
Area Officer Royal Signals Lieutenant John Hunter Monck-Mason 1942 1942
Area Officer Royal Signals Lieutenant Frank Donald Oakey 1941 1944
Area Officer Royal Signals Lieutenant Roy Russell 03 Nov 1943 01 Feb 1944
Area Officer Royal Signals Lieutenant Thomas Edwin Thornton Shanks 1940 1941
Intelligence Officer Captain Rupert St George Riley 15 Jul 1940 1941

The true callsign for the network covering Kent is not known.

There were additional Zero Stations known to have operated at Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks, though these appear to have been out of use by the time the Jones map was drawn in June 1944.

This Network was supported by The Royal Signals of Area 13.

Network Station locations
Kent 1 - Tunstall Outstation
Kent 2A - Thanet Suboutstation
Kent 4 - Dover Outstation
Kent 5 - Charing Outstation
Kent 8 - Brenzett Outstation
Kent 9 - Egerton Outstation
Kent-10 - Peasmarsh Outstation
Kent 11 - Cranbrook Outstation
Kent x - Canterbury Control
Kent y - Sevenoaks Control
Kent z - Bilting Instation