Thanet Suboutstation

Nash Court Farm, Nash Road, Thanet, Kent
Call sign
Kent 2A
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator Mr James Fife Lamont Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Station description

Ron Steed (Minster Patrol) recalled a dead letter drop: “Messages were put in a tree at the back of Nash Court Farm for Mr Lamont, who had a wireless room in his barn.”
Ron’s brother, Norman Steed (Manston Patrol), also recalled: “There was a farmer at Monkton who had a radio link with Whitehall. If there was a bag on a fence, this was the signal that something was up. We would then meet up at a pre-arranged place and messages would be exchanged.”

Both seemed to be referring to Mr Lamont of Nash Court, Thanet, who was a wireless operator. There was a false floor in the barn. There was a dead letter drop along the street from Nash Court to Spratling Court. Lamont had allowed an Auxiliary Unit OB to be dug in a corner of his farmyard and maintained close liaison with the Patrol that used it. He convinced its members that all he did was pass on messages he got from holes in the ground to other people down the line. The Patrol members did not learn until after the war he had a transmitter. 

Robert Chandler (Ash Patrol) said in an interview: “An uncle of mine was the eyes and ears of some scheme. He would put messages in bags under fences.” Tom Miller (Sutton Patrol) recalled that in the event of an invasion his group was to go the OB: “Apparently, there was a man who would keep an eye on the Dover Road and report traffic, especially fuel tankers, where they stopped and camped. That would be our chance to attack.”

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Nash Court Farm buildings
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Nash Court Farm
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Nash Court Farm house
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Thanet Suboutstation


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