Gore Street Farm Outstation

Gore Street Farm, Monkton, Kent
Call sign
Kent 2
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator Mr Thomas Mathew Willett Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Station description

Ron Stilwell recalled: "When Gore Court was empty and for sale (quite a while ago) we looked in the barn for any traces of the entrance but found nothing. However I do know it was quite a large base having spoken to someone who went down there. Part of the way in was visible a few years ago when the roof collapsed showing a tunnel leading down, around 22 feet long. This was not in Gore Court but Gore Street Farm.
The steps were curving round to the right and from what it looked like, you would have had to go down a shaft to reach this. 

We took a dangerous tree down in the 1980s which had some old coaxial cable coming from underground and going in and out of the tree. We found no trace of an aerial, just the ends of the coax. The bark had grown over it although the cable appeared in places". 

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Gore Street Farm
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Barns at Gore Street
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Gore Street Farm Outstation


Ron Stilwell