Edward Bazil Faulkner

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Lieutenant Edward Bazil Faulkner
Life dates
12 Oct 1919 - 27 Nov 1962

In 1938 Edward joined the Post Office and worked as engineer. He married Nancy Mona Ledran in 1940.

After the war he worked in the radio branch of the Engineer in Chief’s Office of the Post Office. Subsequently he worked as an electrical engineer in Colombia, Argentina before dying in an air crash near Lima in Peru.

He was a member of the The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Harston, Area 14 Area Officer Royal Signals 04 May 1942 12 Nov 1943
Kent Network, Area 13 Area Officer Royal Signals 04 May 1942 12 Nov 1943

King George V School, Southport
Southport Technical College

The Royal Signals
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
9 May 1941

13 Jun 1940 Enlisted in ranks as 2346016 Signalman Faulkner
4 Oct 1941 Posted to 1 Signals Training Centre Catterick, Advanced Wireless Transmission School of Signals
22 Dec 1941 Posted to 1 HQ Signals
1 May 1942 to report to Colonel Beyts, Commanding Officer Auxiliary Units for duty
4 May 1942 Posted to GHQ Auxiliary Units, Royal Signals Area Officer for Kent and Sussex
12 Nov 1943 War Office Wireless Transmission Station (Mixed Signal Unit) Forest Moor which was a “Y” Intercept station who took down German signals and sent them on to Bletchley Park for decoding.

Other information

Edward rode a motorcycle and appears to have been fined for frequently speeding.

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Liverpool Echo 29 Nov 1962