Rupert St George Riley

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Captain Rupert St George Riley
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06 Jan 1904 - 1975
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Profile picture
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Rupert St George Riley (via Bill Ashby)

Aged 19, he went to Canada to farm. When he returned he learnt to race Riley Sports Cars between 1929 and 1935. He was not a member of the Riley family that owned the car company, but did help develop the WD Tourer.

On 12th September 1939 he married Barbara May MacKenzie at Selsey, Sussex.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Harston, Area 14 Intelligence Officer 15 Jul 1940 1941
Kent Network, Area 13 Intelligence Officer 15 Jul 1940 1941
The Intelligence Corps
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
2 Sep 1939

2 Sep 1939 Commissioned to Special List (possibly working for MI6 on the Home Defence Organisation in 1940)
15 Jul 1940 Transferred to Intelligence Corps. It is likely this is when he was appointed Auxiliary Units Intelligence Officer Special Duties. His area of responsibility is unknown, but most likely was Kent and Sussex as this was his home area. It is thought that he had left by the end of 1941.
9 Sep 1942 promoted to Temporary Major, known to have served with SOE (no file available)
1 Jan 1949 Substantive Major, Brigadier

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Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News 18 Jan 1935