Sevenoaks Control

Sevenoaks, Kent
Call sign
Kent y
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator Second Subaltern Wendy Monica Pax Kaines (Miss) 1943 1943
Operator Signalman Jack Millie 1943 1943
Operator Lieutenant Roy Russell 1943 1943
Station description

The site presumably closed pre June 1944 as it does not appear on the Jones Map.

Beatrice Temple diary reports she visited Sevenoaks on Friday 2 Jan 1942 and had "a vain hunt for ATS who have moved to Tunbridge Wells". She visited again 27 July 1942. On 16 June 1943 she has a long talk with Wendy at Sevenoaks and Nov 24 1943 she had lunch with Wendy and Mr Oakie at Sevenoaks. It is thought to have been in a derelict building around the Cinema.

Caption & credit
Sevenoaks Cinema
Map Location

Sevenoaks Control


Arthur Gabbitas
Churchill's Underground Army by John Warwicker
Beatrice Temple diary