Heathfield Instation

Heathfield Park, Sussex
Call sign
Harston x
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator Second Subaltern Marjorie Lilian Barden (Miss) 1942 1943
Operator Second Subaltern Betty Berkley Dicken (Mrs) 1943 10 Nov 1943
Operator Second Subaltern Majorie Nora Filer (Miss) 03 Aug 1941 21 Jan 1943
Operator Second Subaltern Kathleen Marie Hills (Mrs) Unknown 12 Nov 1943
Operator Second Subaltern Winifred Audrey Read (Miss) 03 Aug 1941 21 Jan 1943
Royal Signals Support Lance Corporal Robert Caldow 09 Nov 1943 Unknown
Station description

Beatrice Temple states in her diary; May 26 1942 - Heathfield. Troops everywhere.

Sept 18 1942 Heathfield – Barden with man beginning the sad business of taking over. (She continues to visit through 1943 so this is not the end of the ATS at Heathfield.)

4 Sep 1943 Cooked our breakfast, brought mugs of tea by RAF Regiment man. Visited Heathfield and Harrietsham (with mushroom lunch in between) Heathfield went to Zero while there and Harrietsham was installed.

Oct 31 1943 Drove to Heathfield to meet Major Jones and Dickens was discussed. Mrs Whately new DATS. Overnight at home. Petrol to get back supplied by Canadian Unit.

Nov 4 1943 Major Jones rang up to say Heathfield is closing.

Nov 10 1943 Rang Kitty Hill's.- Betty Dicken had not slept in billet. Rang Muriel Vaile – no news. Drove over after lunch met Kitty at Heathfield at 9.30 pm found Betty gassed. Rang HQ and Signals from hut. Mr Oakey and Freddie arrived with 2 men at 12.30. Mr Oakey drove her car and both stayed at her home (Chailey) overnight.

Nov 12 1943 Heathfield cleared Hut with Kitty.

Wynne Read described the Instation as a Met Hut located just within the perimeter walls of the Park, left of the entrance from Tower Street. It contained wireless equipment.

The underground dugout was further into the Park. It was accessed by pressing a small switch hidden under the bark of a tree which revealed a trap door with a ladder leading down to a small room. Under a shelf another switch revealed another room which contained the wireless and bunks. Another smaller room contained the chemical toilet and escape tunnel. There was also a generator.

Heathfield Park is a private residence. 

Station accessibility
This OB is on private land. Please do not be tempted to trespass to see it
Station Status
Location not known
Map Location

Heathfield Instation


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Heathfield Park