Winifred Audrey Read (Miss)

Personnel header
Second Subaltern Winifred Audrey "Wynne" Read
Unit or location Role Posted from until
Heathfield Instation Operator 03 Aug 1941 21 Jan 1943
Scotch Corner Instation Operator 21 Jan 1943 21 May 1943
Hickleton Hall (Doncaster) Instation Operator 21 May 1943 20 Jul 1944
The Auxiliary Territorial Service
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
20 Jul 1941

Beatrice Temple visited her at the following locations
Heathfield 12 Dec 1941, 2 Jan 1942, 16 Dec 1942, where she was billeted on Tower Street.
Scotch Corner 21 Jan 1943 where Beatrice Temple mentions Wynne feels far from home.
Doncaster 21 May 1943 where Beatrice Temple mentions she is cheerful

Other information

Post war stayed with the ATS as Lieutenant