STS 31 to STS37b (Beaulieu)

The Beaulieu estate on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire was the location of a number of SOE stations that provided "Finishing Schools" for agents. These gave trained agents the detailed skills they would need to work behind the lines for SOE.

More notable from an Auxiliary Units perspective was that there was an Operational Base (OB) built in woodland on the estate. Baeulieu Historian Susan Tomkins confirmed that "living off the land" instructor Captain William "Nobby" Clark(e), previously game keeper for the King at Sandringham, was ordered to build an OB. A stay behind unit was to be formed from among the school staff and instructors, though no details have come to light as to exactly who was involved. An onlong depression is all that remains today,.

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Property Purpose
SOE Station
Beaulieu, The New Forest, Hampshire, SO42 7ZN

50.820603, -1.416839


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