Wenman's Cottage, Kent

The West Kent Scout Section headquarters was at Wenman's Cottage in Angley Woods, north of Cranbrook. This had been the gamekeeper’s cottage, though Jack Mason, the gamekeeper prior to the First World War had been killed in 1915, possibly accounting for why the building was empty.

This was also where the three Patrols of Group 2 that operated in Kent had their Stand Down photo taken in late 1944. This suggests that it continued to be used by the Patrols, even after the Scout Section departed in late 1943.

Property Purpose
Scout Section Headquarters
Wenman's Cottage, Glassenbury Road, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 2QF

51.1017668, 0.5067705

Caption & credit
Wenman's Cottage (IWM ref HU66237)
Caption & credit
Wenman's Cottage (IWM ref HU66238)

Imperial War Museum Photographic Collection

Adrian Westwood (www kentauxiliaryunits org uk website - no longer available)

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