Coads Green Patrol


Coads Green is a rural village to the east of Bodmin Moor

Patrol members
Name Occupation Posted from Until
Sergeant Walter Maurice Tucker

Motor engineer

06 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Private William Leonard Brent


06 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Private Samuel John Creber

Van driver

06 Jun 1940 16 Apr 1943
Private Frank Alan Gillbard


13 Mar 1942 Unknown
Private Samuel John Gribble


06 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Private Arthur Francis Harris

Dairy farmer

06 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Private Arthur Douglas Murray

Master mason

06 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Private Sydney Thomas Palmer

Motor mechanic

Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Operational Base (OB)

In an interview given to The Western Morning News (8th July 1999) Walter Tucker describes the original OB location as being around Trebartha House. The gardens are occasionally open to the public under the National Gardens Scheme. The Defence of Britain Project recorded it as being in two miles north-west of the village at Daw's Hill Plantation. It was built by the Patrol with materials of wood and iron sheeting, acquired by them. It was small, at only 10 foot by 6 foot and had only one entrance.

They may have moved from this location due to the Hall being used as a RAMC hospital. The Hall was demolished in 1948 and replaced with a more modern house.

The second OB was located in an old quarry at Kersbrook Farm near Coads Green. The Defence of Britain database records this OB as being built by the Patrol in 1943. It was 15 foot by 12 foot and made from wood and curved corrugated sheeting. It is unknown if there are any remains, it is thought it was buried when the old quarry was filled in.

As the OB was not thought to be dry enough, the Patrol used the upper rooms of the village shop and Post Office as a bomb store. This was ran and owned by retired Royal Navy Captain Horace Ollett who initially recruited Walter Tucker. It was later taken over by Walter Tucker. Situated on the main (B3257) through the village, it is now a private residence.

Patrol & OB pictures
OB Image
Caption & credit
Coads Green village shop used as bomb store
OB Image
Caption & credit
Trebartha Hall (copyright of Jack Hall)
OB Status
Location not known
OB accessibility
This OB is on private land. Please do not be tempted to trespass to see it

Coads Green Patrol


Some of the Patrol went to Coleshill to train but it is recalled that they mainly trained at Intelligence Officer Captain John Dingley at Polhilsa House near Callington. They were known to have won a local competition between the Cornish Patrols.

Weapons and Equipment

It is assumed they were issued with the standard kit, arms and explosives.

Other information

Walter Tucker was the first to be recruited by local Postmaster, Hector Ollett, a retired Royal Navy Captain.

Walter Tucker recalled how two men did head off to war but were sent back as their potential role within the Auxiliary Units was considered more important. At one point he was told they could be sent to France but as that did not happen they continued with their training.

Exempt from the Army because of his work both on the land and repairing vital machinery, Walter was soon singled out for his secret service after volunteering for the Home Guard. “Everyone used to say 'They belong to the Secret Service'. That is what they thought...I used to quite enjoy it”.

Other memories he recalled included how one night Arthur Harris, their dispatch rider, went to the pub and using specially designed pockets sewn into his coat, smuggled more than 20 bottles of beer back to the OB for the boys. When the cook, Jack Creber, used to do his morning fry-ups, the men all joked that if Hitler invaded he would soon find them all once he smelt the bacon cooking !


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