Hockwold Patrol

County Group

Hockwold village lies 3 miles west of Brandon and 3 miles north of Lakenheath.

Patrol members
Name Occupation Posted from Until
Sergeant Walter Thomas Cooper


Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Corporal Arthur Maggs

Horseman on farm

Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private Roland Hicks Bartlett

Builders labourer

Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private Jesse Alfred Morley Enefer

Assisting father on farm

Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private Ernest Alfred Albert Hicks

Farm tractor driver

Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private Raymond Claude Rolph Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private Alec Ernest Starling

Market gardener

Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Operational Base (OB)

According to Patrol member Ray Rolph, the OB was located in woodland at the rear of Feltwell Lodge, in an area locally known as Feltwell Top. Part of this area was transformed into a quarry that is currently used as a landfill site.

The OB was described to us as having been an underground Nissen hut with an Ammo store and an escape run of 100 yards into woods. Nothing remains today.



Patrol & OB pictures
OB Image
Caption & credit
Hockwold OB site
OB Image
Caption & credit
Hockwold OB site
OB Status

Hockwold Patrol

Patrol Targets

Military targets nearby would have included RAF Feltwell, RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall.

Other local targets would have been roads through Thetford Forrest with the major crossroads at Mundford, Brandon and Thetford and the railway between Ely and Norwich.


Some members went to Coleshill House for specialist courses.

Locally they trained at Thetford Forrest and at Captain Gentle's farm near Brandon.



TNA ref WO199/3389

Hancock data held at B.R.A

Evelyn Simak and Adrian Pye

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Ray C Rolph (Patrol member), personal interviews