Invergordon Patrol


Invergordon is a town on the northern shore of the Cromarty Firth.

Patrol members
Name Occupation Posted from Until
Captain R. Jones Unknown Unknown
Sergeant K. Poyton Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Corporal T. McLeod


Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private N. Campbell Unknown Unknown
Private P. Carter Unknown Unknown
Private C. Caston Unknown Unknown
Private J. M. Forsyth Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private A. MacKenzie Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private W. J. Munro Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private H. Urquhart Unknown Unknown
OB Status
Location not known

Invergordon Patrol

Other information

There were 3 rolls compiled that cover the Caithness area. One dated to 27th October 1942, another recorded at stand down.

The Auxiliers recorded in Invergordon Patrol (apart from T Macleod) change completely between these two dates. It does not appear that one Patrol was stood down and a new one created so it may be assumed it was a gradual process, as men were able to join His Majesty's Forces new Auxiliers were enrolled.


TNA ref WO199/3388

Hancock data held at B.R.A