Leominster Patrol

A.K.A. (nickname)
County Group

Leominster is a market town 12 miles north of Hereford and 7 miles south of Ludlow in Shropshire.

Patrol members
Name Occupation Posted from until
Sergeant Richard Edward Holford

Poultry farmer

Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Corporal Geoffrey Herbert Chambers


Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private Robert Thomas Harold Brooks

Motor mechanic

Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private Neston Dana Ord Capper


Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private Frank James Hancorn


Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Private William E. W. Rogers

Farm manager

Unknown Unknown
Private Geoffrey Probert Thomas


Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Operational Base (OB)

It was on the flank of Dinmore Hill. Only some small sections of corrugated iron remain but the outline depression of the OB can clearly be made out. The main room is longer than normal at being around 11m long, and the entrance is off to one side rather than being in line. The angled feature appears to fit with being an escape tunnel as it slopes down to the large crater feature with corrugated iron poking up from it.

Patrol & OB pictures
OB Image
Caption & credit
Leominster OB (from Matthew Knight)
OB Image
Caption & credit
Leominster OB (from Matthew Knight)
OB Status
Location not known

Leominster Patrol

Patrol Targets

An assumed target would have been the railway line running through Dinmore Tunnel and the main A49 over Dinmore Hill.


Hereford Patrols trained at Holmer Grange, the home of Captain Hughie Hall. Auxiliers had memories of a large lake with a pontoon bridge over. An exercise was to run over the pontoon with all their equipment, missing the part of the bridge that was primed to collapse. If they didn't fall in, the instructors pushed them in anyway.

A stuffed dummy mounted in a doorway was used for silent killing practice.

A competition between all six Patrols took place at a farm at Holmer. Each Patrol had to place a magnet with the Patrols name attached on some farm equipment stored in a yard. Getting in and out without being spotted the victor was Bromyard Patrol.

Weapons and Equipment

Geoffrey Thomas' son recalls a cache of Sticky Bombs being found on his land after the war which the Royal Engineers were called in to deal with.

Other information

Along with other Patrols from around the country some from Leominster Patrol were recruited to defend the Isle of Wight in June 1944 during the time of D-Day.

Herefordshire Patrols had their first reunion dinner on 26th January1945 at Booth Hall in Hereford.


TNA ref WO199/3389 

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The Mercian Maquis by Bernard Lowry & Mick Wilks

David Thomas, Auxilier Geoff Thomas' Grandson,

1939 Register

Matthew Knight