Nenthorn Patrol

A.K.A. (nickname)
Kelso or Stichill Patrol

Kelso is a market town just over the border in Scotland. The hamlet of Nenthorn lies 3 miles north-west of Kelso. It is also roughly central borders

Patrol members
Name Occupation Posted from Until
Sergeant George Ferguson 1941 1944
Corporal J. Hendry 1941 1944
Private Andrew Boyd

Farm labourer

1941 1944
Private A. Cullender 1941 1944
Private J. McLiesh 1941 1944
Private A. Riddell 1941 1944
Private I. Wight 1941 1944
Operational Base (OB)

The Patrol OB was located in the grounds of Floors Castle to the north of Kelso and part way to Nenthorn.

It was of "Elephant" type construction with the horse shoe entrance as preferred in the Scottish Borders area.

It is thought the OB has been filled in by the estate.

OB Status

Nenthorn Patrol

Patrol Targets

Kelso has 6 or 7 road targets in the town centre. These were targets as the Auxiliary Unit wanted to be able to control these vital roads if the Germans mounted an airbourne attack on the Borders. This would include the road bridges over the River Tweed and the railway to Coldstream.

Other targets would have included Floors Castle, an obvious German Headquarters and Sunlaws P.O.W camp.


Some of the Patrol went to Coleshill House for specialist training. Though this stopped in mid 1942 when it was decided that it was not practicable to travel so far and waste two days on a train so Coleshill sent out written and practical test for the Patrols to do.

Andrew Boyd recalled particular training in concealment and evasion techniques. Also training in timing so they could calculate how to enter a target location, plant a device and safely escape. He recalled a mission when Wight and himself successfully entered an aerodrome and “tagged” an aircraft.  They had made their way in through a bog and there was an uproar because the bog was treacherous and was not supposed to be used as it could have cost them their lives.

The Patrol would also have trained locally and at Monksford House Stables, the Area Headquarters.

Weapons and Equipment

Weapons issued to the Patrol would have included .38 Smith & Wesson pistols, Thompson Machine Guns and Fairbairn Sykes fighting knives. Andrew Boyd recalled being issued with a revolver a knife and a rubber truncheon.


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