Spaldington Patrol

County Group

Spaldington is a village in East Riding of Yorkshire lying 3 miles north from the market town of Howden and to the east of Selby.

Patrol members
Name Occupation Posted from Until
Sergeant John Morrison


Unknown 1943
Corporal Stephen Rennie


Unknown 1943
Corporal Robert Roper

Farm foreman

Unknown Unknown
Private John James Fitzgerald


Unknown 1943
Private Harold Peam Hardgrave

Horseman on farm

Unknown 1943
Private Edward Cyril Hessel


Unknown 1943
Private Clifford Newby Hill

Aircraft toolmaker

Unknown Unknown
Private Geoffrey Thomas Hill Unknown 1943
Private Edward Maltby


Unknown 1943
Operational Base (OB)

The Patrol had two OBs. The first was abandoned due to the high water table. Flooding and dampness meant it was of no use.

A second OB was then built, unusually above ground. It was an adapted "elephant" type shelter built inside an old mill building. Locals were told it had been bombed by the Germans as cover for the rebuilding inside.

The OB ventilation was via the remains of the mill chimney. This structure doubled up as the Patrol Observational Post. The escape tunnel was built under piles of rubble and bricks from the mill.

OB Status

Spaldington Patrol

Patrol Targets

They were based to the east of Selby which itself was a main railway junction and they were surrounded by airfields; RAF Breighton, RAF Holme, RAF Bellasize. Nearby and a bit further west around Selby were RAF Burn, RAF Riccall, RAF Church Fenton and RAF Melbourne.

These would have been obvious targets.


The Patrol trained at Rise Hall and Middleton on the Wolds with other Patrols. Locally they did a lot of training at Brough Aircraft works on how to sabotage aircraft.

Sergeant John Morrison went to Coleshill House for specialist training.

Weapons and Equipment

Weapons issued to the Patrol would have included; Smith & Wesson revolvers, .22 sniper rifle, .303 rifle and a Thompson Machine Gun

All had wooden truncheons. In an interview with Ed Maltby he said none of the members had fighting knives.

Other information

The Spaldington Patrol were based futher inland than the other East Riding Patrols.

They were an Independent Patrol, not in any Group, and reported directly to Intelligence Officer Captain Peter Hollis.

They were formed in late 1940 or early 1941 and disbanded in 1943.


TNA ref WO199/3398

Ed Maltby

Alan Williamson