Alan Stewart

Aberdeenshire Researcher

Alan works in Aberdeen, within the Oil & Gas, and Aviation sectors. As a qualified aircraft and helicopter pilot, He also is a commercial drone operator providing aerial images for media companies and quite a few books.

He has always had a great interest in World War 2, and in 2018 wrote a book North East Scotland at War, Events and facts 1939-1945 and currently working on a second book. he is often giving talks to local historical groups in the area about World War 2 in the area.

Whilst researching for his book, he found out about the Auxiliary Units and joined the team in 2014 researching the Aberdeenshire and part of Angus areas. There is still a lot of research to be done there and he is always keen to follow up new pieces of information.

His finest achievement was locating a decoy airfield close to his home, armed with a metal detector an trowel found a target of great interest with the detector. Having excavated a hole that could probably be seen from space with a trowel (better than any JCB could have dug), the lesson of don't wear steel toe capped boots whilst metal detecting has been well and truly learned!