Admiralty 3 (Warminster Road) Patrol


Warminster Road is the A36 which runs into Bath from the south east.

Patrol members
Name Occupation Posted from Until
Sergeant Norman William Stuart Baker

Travelling heating sales engineer

20 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Lance Corporal Eric Roscorla

Draughtsman engineer in charge of department Admiralty

20 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Private Sidney Lewis Baldery

Draughtsman engineer in charge of department Admiralty

20 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Private Wilfrid Watt Curry

Admiralty engineering draughtsman

04 Jun 1942 03 Dec 1944
Private Walter John Geoffrey Dennis

Technical assistant

20 Jun 1940 18 Oct 1943
Private Robert Arnold Desmond Heward

Student engineering college

29 Nov 1940 03 Dec 1944
Private Leslie Rawlings

Admiralty draughtsman

30 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Private Robert Nicholas Reeds

Electrical engineer

1940 1941
Private Eric Albert White

Apprentice pattern maker

17 Apr 1940 03 Dec 1944
Operational Base (OB)

The Operational Base was located in general open access land around Bathampton Downs. Many informal pathways criss-cross the woods. The OB was located near to the small stream descending from Hampton Rocks.

This is only 100 yards from Bathampton (City of Bath) Patrols OB. Auxilier Bob Millard recalled :"Familiarisation involved walking the area time and time again until each gap in the hedge, barn, and possible hiding places became familiar. It also involved the urban area to find where each alley lead or where a short cut might be taken. During these excursions we were delighted to discover the OB's of two Admiralty Patrols, one in the wood above the Warminster Road and the other in Prior Park.

The Admiralty had moved to Bath, they had their own Home Guard unit and within the Admiralty they also had five Auxilliary Units. Anyway we found where one of these had started digging its OB and we amused ourselves by climbing up on the woods occasionally and watching them at work. We were pleased to know that they were there and they didn't know where we were, but we were the local boys so we felt quite secure on our own patch. At the 1994 reunion I sat down next to a chap and got talking and found out that he was a member of the Admiralty Patrol whose OB we watched being constructed. He was most surprised to find out that we knew exactly where it was, and could tell him what was happening

Water was supplied to the OB from the nearby stream by a beer pump purchased from Bowlers of Bath.

The Admiralty Patrols had a central explosives / arms store in an out building at The Royal School, Lansdown Road and Harry Banham (4 Patrol) recalls another one built into the bank of the car park of the Ensleigh Estate, Lansdown Road.

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Bath Auxiliary Unit Patrol 3 stand down
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Admiralty 3 (Warminster Road) Patrol

Patrol Targets

All the Admiralty Patrols took part in a night raid on RAF Colerne.

About two miles to the west of the OB was Claverton Manor. Now the American Museum, then, it was the headquarters for an anti-aircraft unit. As this is recorded as a target by the Bathampton Patrol it is assumed that this would also have been in the sights of Admiralty 3 as they were based so close together.

Another nearby target, in the valley below the OB, was the railway line that came up from the south coast and a couple of miles to the west it joined the main London-Bristol line. Damage here would have caused rail disruption to or from the whole of the South West.


They often trained with all the other Admiralty Patrols and the City of Bath Patrols.

Records of a revolver shooting competition on 20th February 1944 at Monkton Combe shows Admiralty 3 came last in both 10 and 20 yard shots.

Exercise “Lamb” was due to take place on 25th March 1944. Patrol leaders were advised ; “Ample opportunity should be taken of reconnoitring the district of Box.” Meeting at the Fernley Hotel at 21.30 hours, the exercise would finish at 02.00 hours the following morning.

All the Admiralty Patrols took part in a night raid on RAF Colerne. Number 1 Patrol broke through the perimeter barbed wire nearest the offices. Despite crawling on all fours Auxilier Douglas Owen managed to get captured. Taken to the office of the RAF commander he was interrogated by officers before producing a pistol hidden in his trousers. He proceeded to hold the officers hostage at gun point. 

Auxilier Bennett of 4 Patrol remembers this raid as being “a complete fiasco. The sentries were posted at all the most obvious approaches and it was easy to elude them. All of us detailed to do so got in and plastered aircraft with “destroyed” notices and two adventurous youngsters actually held the station commander at gun point in his own office which was certainly not in their remit. There was a big row about it and as a result all the poor airmen had their leave jammed for a fortnight".

Weapons and Equipment

Everything was stored at the OB or separate stores as the Auxiliers were not living or working in their home environment.


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Stephen Lewins for Nominal Rolls

Auxilier Bob Millard

List of Admiralty Auxiliers from 1950 reunion held at B.R.A

Hancock's data held at B.R.A

Images of wartime Bath

Donald Brown “ Somerset V Hitler”