Galashiels Patrol

A.K.A. (nickname)
Bowland Patrol

Bowland is an area approximately 3 miles north-west of Galashiels.

Patrol members
Name Occupation Posted from Until
Second Lieutenant Jimmy Baird 1941 Unknown
Sergeant William Humble 1942 Unknown
Sergeant George Kerr Unknown 1944
Corporal Peter Romanes 1941 1944
Private W. George Hogg 1941 1944
Private I. Humble Unknown Unknown
Private Robert Hunter 1941 1944
Private J. Scott 1941 1944
Private Jackie F. Thomson 1941 1944
Private David Wilkinson 1941 Unknown
Private George Wilson Unknown Unknown
Operational Base (OB)

The Patrol had an "elephant" type shelter on Caitha Hill a high point in the Bowland area.The OB was in a copse in a disused quarry. The land has been reworked over the years and there are no remains of the original site.

Patrol & OB pictures
OB Image
Caption & credit
Galashiels OB area
OB Status

Galashiels Patrol

Patrol Targets

Targets for the Patrol would have included the Border Counties Railway, the A7 main Edinburgh to Carlisle road, crossing points on the river Tweed and Gala Water along with Abbotsford House (one time home of Sir Walter Scott) as probable German H.Q.


Training was done locally along with Monksford House Stables the area Headquarters and The Drill Hall on Paton Street in Galashiels.

Some members went to Coleshill House though this stopped in mid 1942 when it was deemed too far too travel for a weekend course so the people at Coleshill sent out written and practical tests for the members to do nearer home.



Weapons and Equipment

Weapons issued to the Patrol would have included Sten Machine Gun, .38 Smith & Wesson pistols and fighting knives.

Other information

The Patrol were part of the Royal Family guard at Balmoral in 1944.

The Patrol seem to have expanded or had a high turn over of members.

The Group Commanding Officer was Lieutenant Jimmy Baird from 14, Wood Street in Galashiels who had been the Patrols original Sargeant


Peter Forbes

James Towill

The National Archives in Kew Ref WO199/3388,

Hancock data held at B.R.A

Damien "Fellwanderer"