Combined Lincolnshire Scout Section

Supporting regiment
The Lincolnshire Regiment
The Leicestershire Regiment

The Scout Section was made of Regular Army soldiers. Their role was train the Home Guard patrols, but also to go to ground themselves in the event of an invasion.

After mid 1943, the two Lincolnshire Scout Sections were replaced by a single group of men for the whole county. Royal Engineers Corporal Livett arrived in Lincolnshire at this time and describes the situation when he arrived late in 1943. By this time there were only 9 Scout Section officers for the whole country and it seems that with the Intelligence Officer having been one in the past, Lincolnshire managed without.

Some or all of these men, with the exception of Bill Livett, are likely to have formed part of the preceding two Scout Sections. The names are derived from an audio interview with him and most likely that some of the spelling is incorrect as it has not been possible to positively identify any of the men. Bill Livett recorded that there were only eight men in the Scout Section at this time as well as the Officer.

Operational Base

Most Scout Sections had two operational bases. These have yet to be located for the Scout Sections in Lincolnshire.

Scout section personnel
Name Occupation Posted from Until
Sergeant Hughes 1943 1944
Corporal Frank Ariston 1943 1944
Corporal Howells 1943 1944
Corporal William George Livett

Bus Conductor, London Transport

Unknown 1943
Lance Corporal Siller 1943 1944
Lance Corporal Swansford 1943 1944
Lance Corporal Villers 1943 1944
Private George Freestone 1943 1944
Driver IC Ross 1943 1944

The standard transport for a Scout Section was an Austin 2 seater car and a 15cwt lorry, both with RASC drivers. The Patrol normally also had bicycles.