Hampshire Group 5 - Soberton to Bishops Waltham Area


Sergeant Gatrall of Southwick Patrol kept a diary which includes information on Group 5 Patrols. Here is a transcript.

There were three Patrols lead by Soberton men (possibly Soberton, Newton and Droxford) and they seem to have worked closely with the Southwick and Bishops Waltham Patrols too. We only have definite information on the Southwick Patrol.

The Bishops Waltham Patrol likely contains all the men from that area, but the other three Patrols membership is at present a best guess, other than the names of the Sergeants in charge. This has been done based on ID card numbers held in the nominal roll, which locate the men geographically, though the method is known to be unreliable as next door neighbours might be in different Patrols. The Patrols had codenames that were the names of Caribbean islands, such as St Vincent, Martinique and Barbados.

Role Name Posted from Until
Area Commander Captain Arthur James Champion 10 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Group Commander Lieutenant Arthur George Dallow 21 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Group Commander Lieutenant Robert John Welch 20 Aug 1940 01 Jun 1944
Assistant Group Commander Second Lieutenant Victor Ludwig Petersen 26 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Map of Patrol locations

Bishops Waltham Patrol

Droxford Patrol

Soberton A Patrol

Soberton B Patrol

Southwick Patrol

OB Image
Caption & credit
The men of Group 5 in the garden of Hillcrest with the house in the background (Mark Horn)
OB Image
Caption & credit
The men of Group 5 with a Royal Marine Officer in the centre and Lts Dallow and Welch either side. It seems that some Patrol photos were taken at the same time. Lieutenant Peterson was taking the photos which is why he doesn't appear. (Mark Horn)
OB Image
Caption & credit
This photograph is one of the Group 5 Patrols and was taken at the same time as the Group photo with the Royal Marine officer (CART archive)