Kent Group 7 "Damson Group"


Originally New Romney (Truffle), Snargate (Mushroom), Dymchurch (Toadstool) and Aldington (Fungus) were in a single group under the Command of Captain Joseph Allnatt. His wife knew all about Auxiliary Units as she was teaching them first aid. An Officer from Coleshill visited for lunch and this was mentioned. Allnatt had to resign with defective night vision. 

As a result Aldington (Fungus) moved to group 8 to the north. Dymchurch (Toadstool) had their security broken and was disbanded in April 1944. New Romney and Snargate continued on their own under direct control of the Intelligence Officer at HQ for around 6 months when Lieutenant Fenwick Luke was appointed Group Leader and Group 7 was formed.

Group 7 had a code-name "Damson". Gibbet Oak or Rolvenden had code-names of either Mango or Bean. 

The Romney Marsh Patrols groups did train on a few occasions at Wenman’s Cottage, in Angley Wood, near Cranbrook. The rendezvous point was The Peacock Inn where a waiting Army truck led them to the training area for live ammunition firing and grenade practice. 

The OBs on Romney Marsh were identical in design, size and construction as they had to be specially constructed because of the wet conditions. They were designed by the Intelligence Officer, Captain Norman Field, and built by Corbens of Maidstone at a cost of £300. Unfortunately, the company does not have any records relating to this period.

Different work parties were bussed down daily from Maidstone. They were identical in size, being 20 foot long, 8 foot wide and 8 foot high. The external walls were of reinforced concrete lined with bitumen, with white bricks or tiles used on the inside walls. There were ventilating down pipes in each corner and three air outlets along the centre of the chamber. There was an entrance at either end with blast walls to protect the occupants from grenade attack. Iron bars were let into the shaft brickwork to form steps. The entrances had camouflaged wooden covers. There were bunks for six and the original hard boards were later replaced with chicken wire netting. There were tables, benches, cupboard, 50 gallon galvanised water tank, Elsen closet, paraffin, petrol and rum and rations for 14 days.

Role Name Posted from Until
Area Commander Captain Joseph Charles Allnatt 14 Nov 1941 Unknown
Area Commander Captain John Outhwaite Foreman 01 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Group Commander Lieutenant Francis Robert Fenwick Luke 17 Aug 1940 03 Dec 1944
Map of Patrol locations

Gibbet Oak Patrol

New Romney Patrol

Rolvenden Patrol

Snargate Patrol