Norfolk Group 8



Norfolk Group 8

Back row left to right: Aubrey Brown (Mintlyn Patrol), EW Causton (Gayton Patrol), Jack Masters (Castle Rising Patrol), unknown, Dick Libbey (Mintlyn Patrol), Edwin Seaman (Mintlyn Patrol), Ray Mallett (Narford Patrol), Ron Bennett (Narford Patrol), Rex Robin (Middleton Patrol), Bob Eggleton (Gayton Patrol), Deryck Neville (Castle Rising, later transferred to Middleton Patrol), GR Grief (Gayton Patrol)

Middle row: Stanley Warren (Castle Rising Patrol), Sgt Walter Garner (Castle Rising Patrol), Sgt Harold Spreckley (Mintlyn Patrol), Capt EJ Robinson (promoted from Castle Rising Patrol to A & Q Group 11 Norfolk AU, Capt JL Hardy (GCO), Lt Maurice Newnes (assist. GCO), Sgt H Haggas (Gayton Patrol), Sgt GF Attwood (Narford Patrol), Cpl Cheddar Walker (Mintlyn Patrol), Cpl D Sneezum (Narford Patrol)

Front row: Archie Hudson (Castle Rising Patrol), unknown, Ernie Drew (Castle Rising Patrol), RW Pennell (Gayton Patrol), Bill Ely (Mintlyn Patrol), Ted Welham (Gayton Patrol), Sgt H Shackcloth (Gayton Patrol), Ted Masters (Castle Rising Patrol)

Role Name Posted from Until
Area Commander Captain Walter George Gentle Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Area Commander Captain Edward John Robinson Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Group Commander Captain Jocelyn Lee Hardy D.S.O., M.C Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Assistant Group Commander Lieutenant Maurice Newnes Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Map of Patrol locations

Ashill Patrol

Castle Rising Patrol

Gayton Patrol

Middleton Patrol (Norfolk)

Mintlyn Patrol

Narford Patrol