Tamerton Foliot Patrol


Tamerton Foliot was a village but is now a suburb in the north of Plymouth. It is near the confluence of the Rivers Tavy and Tamar.

Patrol members
Name Occupation Posted from Until
Sergeant George Tilbury

Builder's labourer at public works

13 Sep 1941 03 Dec 1944
Corporal Edward George Pedrick

Market gardener

09 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
Private Leslie Gordon Bennetto


29 Aug 1942 16 Apr 1943
Private Charles Henry Chanter

Market gardener

31 Dec 1940 18 Mar 1944
Private Kenneth James Fenton 31 Jan 1942 13 Jan 1943
Private Kenneth Frank Fitz

Dockyard messenger

31 Dec 1941 03 Dec 1944
Private David W. Gillett 16 Mar 1944 30 Sep 1944
Private Robert Douglas Kingdom

Motor mechanic

1940 24 Jul 1943
Private Ronald Walter Medland

Blacksmith apprentice

17 Feb 1941 16 Apr 1943
Private John Pethick

Market gardener

21 Jan 1942 03 Dec 1944
Private William Albert Southwould

Sheet metal worker

10 May 1942 03 Dec 1944
Private John Michael P. Symons


03 Sep 1942 03 Dec 1944
Operational Base (OB)

Ronald Medland told the family of having an underground OB at Roborough, and that he was issued with a commando knife and Sten Gun. They would do night exercises around Tamerton Foliot and on one occasion blew up a farmer's granite trough.

Sergeant George Tilbury used to tell stories about their escapades. His niece only remembers him saying that they had an ammunition store under Ball Field behind the quarry in Roborough Lane. The view from the top of that field being over the Tamar river.

Patrol & OB pictures
OB Image
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1940s OS map
OB Status
Location not known

Tamerton Foliot Patrol

Patrol Targets

The proximity to the River Tavey and Tamar would make any river traffic a possible target. The River Tavy rail bridge along with the smaller Black Bridge would cause disruption to supplies heading north from the City of Plymouth if blocked or damaged.

Disruption at the junction of the A386 and the A38 at Crownhill would have hindered supplies both north and east.

The Patrol could even have had targets within the City.

Weapons and Equipment

It is assumed they were issued with the standard kit, arms and explosives.

Other information

Tamerton Foliot is mentioned in the diary of Group Commander Cyril Wellington in Nov 1942 when he visits with Leslie Bennetto.

John Pethick remembered the group meeting with the Devon Intelligence Officer, Captain Stuart Edmundson in The Queens Arms, Tamerton Foliot.

After detailed instructions on the care of firearms he remembered Captain Edmundson reciting a poem ;

A man's not old when his hair turns grey
And a man's not old when his teeth decay
But a man is old and is near his last sleep
When he makes a date which he cannot keep.

Captain Edmundson later denied any responsibility for the poem.


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1939 Register

Andy Medland, Carolyn Luke, Sarah Parker