Devon Group 2 - Plymouth


Area and Group Commander Captain Cyril Wellington wrote a diary between 1940 and 1942. It covers Plympton Patrol and some training carried out by the Patrols of Group 2.

After 1941 a grouping system was developed where various Patrols within a demographic area would regularly train together under more local command. Captain William Falcon of Cornwood trained Groups 2 and 3 Patrols in the grounds of his home “Slade". Certainly during 1941-1942 the training of Groups 2 and 3 in Devon takes place at Slade in Cornwood. When Captain Cyril Wellington is called up in Jan 1942, he defers to Falcon who he appears to treat as his superior officer. Devon Intelligence Officer, Captain Edmundson stated that he "got a requisitioned place near Ivybridge, facing the Moors, for the Devons and Hugh Palliser [Devon Scout Section] moved in and arranged security and rations for the men. It proved to be a very good headquarters for them for the whole time I was in command". Auxilier Andrew Wotton also recalled; "Army men based in the bungalow built the base and helped train us". This all sounds like the area of Falcon's house, Slade and could prove a Devon Scout Section was based in the area at some stage.

Plympton, Yelverton, Yealmpton, Tamerton Foliot and Holbeton Patrols trained under the command of Captain William Falcon (Cornwood  Patrol) who was based at “Slade” in Cornwood, then when Cyril Wellington (Plympton) became Group Commander these local Patrols would have trained with him.

Group 2 Patrols also trained at the rifle range at Cleeve, just below Ivybridge.

On 21st February 1942 the Patrols took part in a large scale exercise named "Operation Drake" in Plymouth. This exercise involved a mock invasion of Plymouth and lasted for two days. All the services were involved and it virtually closed the city.

On 7th March 1942 Yelverton along with Plympton Patrol had a “large scale night attack” on a target in Yelverton. The airfield would have been the biggest target in the area. Captain Wellington recorded that the Patrols worked well together that night.

The records of RAF Harrowbeer notes a raid on the airfield by the “Home Guard” which was successful, leaving many red faced officers on the airfield.

On 28th March 1942 Wellington records that the Plympton Patrol (along with other unnamed Patrols though thought to be group 2) took part in a practice raid a bit further afield into Cornwall. The target was the home of Cornwall's Intelligence Officer Captain Dingley. It is not known if he knew this was going to happen or if it was Devon's IO having a joke with Cornwall's IO !

Role Name Posted from Until
Area Commander Captain Cyril Henry Wellington 09 Nov 1942 03 Dec 1944
Group Commander Lieutenant William Falcon 12 Dec 1941 09 Nov 1943
Group Commander Captain Cyril Henry Wellington 09 Nov 1942 03 Dec 1944
Map of Patrol locations

Holbeton Patrol

Plympton Patrol

Tamerton Foliot Patrol

Yealmpton Patrol

Yelverton Patrol