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Captain William Falcon
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01 Apr 1890 - 24 May 1970
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William Falcon was born on 1 April 1890, at Horstead House, Norwich in Norfolk, to Michael and Isobel Falcon. Michael's profession is recorded as Gentleman. By 1911 he is a mining student in llanelly, Carmarthenshire. He married Helen "Louise" Jonas in Hitchin in 1919 and had two sons and a daughter. 

After they left Slade in Cornwood, at the age of 60 years, he bought an Elizabethan manor house called Clanacombe, West Buckland near Kingsbridge. He lived there with his wife Louise for 20 years, and died at the age of 80. They are both buried in Thurlestone Church graveyard.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Cornwood Patrol Patrol Leader 04 Oct 1940 03 Dec 1944
Devon Group 3 - Ivybridge Group Commander 12 Dec 1941 09 Nov 1943
Devon Group 2 - Plymouth Group Commander 12 Dec 1941 09 Nov 1943

Harrow School 1904-1909

National ID
WHVT 30/1
Commissioned or Enlisted
4 Oct 1940

Mining engineer

Slade, Slade Lane, Cornwood, Devon
Other information

A World War One veteran his service has been researched by the family and they have made it available here.

Recorded on the nominal roll as Captain Falcon, this appears to be his pre WW2 rank as he is recorded as an Auxiliary Unit Lieutenant between 12 Dec 1941 and 9 Nov 1942. He is pictured with Major Stuart Edmundson along with the Devon and Cornwall Officers when Edmundson leaves in Nov 1943. He is not however recorded as an Commanding Officer at stand down.

Certainly during 1941-1943 the training of Groups 2 and 3 in Devon takes place at his home of Slade in Cornwood. When Captain Cyril Wellington is called up in Jan 1942, he defers to Falcon who he appears to treat as his superior officer. Devon Intelligence Officer, Captain Edmundson stated that he "requisitioned a place near Ivybridge, looking over the moors for Palliser [Devon Scout Section]". Auxilier Andrew Wotton also recalled; "Army men based in the bungalow built the base and helped train us".

The family were aware of his skill as an explosives expert as he was a very experienced mining engineer in South Wales. His Granddaughter Jeanette recalled; "My Grandfather was a very clever, and a kind and gentle man. He was a very capable man but he never talked of his Auxiliary Units role. My Grandfather loved his large garden, and also loved salmon fishing which he did twice a year, on the River Tweed and also the River Shannon".

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Falcon during WW2 (from David Ross)
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Falcon at Harrow (from Harrow School)
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Falcon Memorial
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Falcon's last home at Clanacombe
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Slade, Cornwood - Falcon's home

TNA ref WO199/3391 and WO374/23490

1939 Register

Harrow School Photographs

David Ross - Grandson, Jeanette Finch - Granddaughter