North Riding Scout Section

Supporting regiment
The Green Howards

The history of the Auxiliary Units area of covering the North Riding of Yorkshire is complex. Originally it included both the East Riding and also Durham. It seems that there was a single Scout Section that covered the North Riding and Durham, in addition to the known East Riding Scout Section. It is believed that the North Riding Section was formed from the Green Howards since Durham Auxiliers recall them providing training weekends and at least one officer was seconded from the regiment.

The Scout Section was made of Regular Army soldiers with a Lieutenant in command. Their role was train the Home Guard Patrols, but also to go to ground themselves in the event of an invasion.

Operational Base

Most Scout Sections had at least two Operational Bases, though the location of those in North Yorkshire is unknown. It is known that some training took place at Heatherdene at Castleford.

Scout section personnel
Name Occupation Posted from Until
Lieutenant Edward James Margetson Leigh-Lye Unknown 09 Jun 1942
Lieutenant Eric Mellor Unknown 1943
Other personnel

No names are known for the rest of the section. There would have been a sergeant, corporal and 11 other men, likely including a driver and cook. From April 1943 the section would have been reduced in size to around half a dozen men. These would have formed a combined section, most likely with the the East Riding men. 


The exact transport for the section is not known. Most Scout Sections had a 15 cwt truck and an Austin 2-seater car for the officer. A photo shows an Austin with registration M220521 in use in Castleton by local Auxiliers. It may have been borrowed from the Scout Section. They were normally issued with bicycles as well.


Stephen Lewins

East Ridings Secret Resistance, Alan Williamson