South Lincolnshire Scout Section

Supporting regiment
The Lincolnshire Regiment

Lincolnshire had two Scout Sections like many larger counties. One was provided by the Leicestershire Regiment and the other by the Lincolnshire Regiment.

The Scout Section was made of Regular Army soldiers with a Lieutenant in command. Their role was train the Home Guard patrols, but also to go to ground themselves in the event of an invasion. 

During an exercise near Skegness, the Lincolnshire Regiment Scout Section surprised the sentries at 2am, capturing the whole Brigade HQ Staff from 76th Division, including the Brigadier, bringing the exercise to a premature end.
(This was most likely 222 Independent Infantry brigade)

Sergeant George Johnson and Corporal Eric Carver served with their former Intelligence Officer Captain Hamilton-Hill in North Africa on Operation Ringlet, which was an SOE operation producing sabotage and supply packages to be dropped into the Balkans. Hamilton-Hill also mentions a Sgt Hill serving with him on Ringlet having also been with him in Auxiliary Units in Lincolnshire. He may have come from either of the Scout Sections, though we have included in the Lincolnshire Regiment Section until we learn better.

Operational Base

Most Scout Sections had two operational bases. These have yet to be located for the Scout Sections in Lincolnshire.

Lincoln Scouts are thought to have had OBs at Waplode, Welton (used by Lieutenant Dring) and Ulceby Cross according to Eric Dring.

Scout section personnel
Name Occupation Posted from Until
Lieutenant Eric Arthur Dring


01 Oct 1941 01 Jan 1942
Sergeant George Johnson 1940 1943
Corporal Eric Samuel Carver

Fish fryer

09 Nov 1940 05 May 1943
Private Hill 1940 1942
Other personnel

The section would have consisted of a Lieutenant, a Sergeant, a Corporal and 9 private soldiers with a driver batman for the officer and driver for the section’s lorry. 


The standard transport for a Scout Section was an Austin 2 seater car and a 15cwt lorry, both with RASC drivers. The Patrol normally also had bicycles.


SOE Assignment, Donald Hamilton-Hill