Berwick Outstation

Berwick, Northumberland
Call sign
Otley 2
Up station
Special Duties Personnel

No personnel yet known for posting to this Network or Station.

Station description

The wireless was hidden behind a false wall in a Berwick Farmhouse (unknown location). The farmer's nephew heard voices through the wall and told his mother who in turn informed the local army HQ. They sent the MP's and the civilian Police to investigate. The farmer was found crouched behind the wall with the radio. He was arrested. A few phone calls to Whitehall got him freed and the authorities told to keep away from certain sites where radios may be. The farm radio was shut down after this and moved to Berwick itself.
In Berwick the radio was hidden in a Haberdashery shop. This was also compromised when ATS Janet Purvis-Smith recognised the operator who worked in the shop. The call sign at the shop was G2YY but the operators name is unknown. Janet Purves-Smith was in Berwick on a shopping trip when she uncovered the radio operator. It was unfortunate for the war effort as she recognised the operator from a salmon smuggling operation between Berwick (the river Tweed is a big salmon fishing river) and Doxford Hall. The radio in the shop was closed down.

Map Location

Berwick Outstation


Phil Rowett
Janet Wise via Stephen Lewins