Chiswell Network personnel

Unallocated men
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator C. Barnard Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Operator C. Burgess Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Operator W. W. Frost Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Operator K. G. Showlger Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Station description

The Essex Home Guard patrols nominal roll contains a list of 9 men thought to have been involved in Special Duties. At the top of the list is the name of Captain Childe, the Special Duties Intelligence Officer, followed by that of Ken Green, a known outstation operator in Hockley.  Some of the other men listed have since been identified as having close links to Hockley and possibly all were from this area.

The unlocated names are listed here in the hope that more information might be forthcoming.


National Archives WO199/3389