Elgin Instation

Elgin, Moray
Call sign
Elgin 0
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator Second Subaltern Joan Priestly Pratten (Mrs) 1943 1943
Station description

The unusual feature of this Instation is that it was not linked by wireless to any other part of the network. It linked to a series of stations across the water in Caithness and Sutherland. Presumably its purpose was to provide information on any landings in this remote area.

Elgin is first mentioned in Beatrice Temple's diary 29 June 1943 where she writes; "Major Jones determined to have new station at Elgin working on 15th. Tue July 13 -Train to Aberdeen - met by Capt Drummond - drive to Elgin - overnight stay. Wed July 14 - Taken to hut by Captain met Joan and Nina. Discussed work at Captain D’s office then to hut plus possible billets - overnight stay".

By Mon Aug 2 she writes; "On to hut at Elgin – both there. Did some vain billet hunting. Overnight stay. Tue Aug 3
Busy day collecting barrack stores for the hut. Saw Nina’s billet – more billet hunting. All to change with Captain Drummond. Wed Aug 4 Left Elgin for Fort George."

By 2 Dec 1943 she is recording; "Worked hard on move of Elgin". It is shown on Major Jones map of 1944 so it may have been operated by Royal Signals in 1944.

While visiting Elgin in Sept 1943, Temple had an interesting journey; Tue 14 Sept - Train from Newcastle to Elgin. Phoned Doris. AG.15 have posted two unknown bods and want answers. Overnight stay at Joan’s billet at the MacKerry’s.
Wed 15 Sep
Met G1 at Captain Drummond's taken to aerodrome and pushed into 4 engined Lancaster bomber, flew off terrified! Landed near Newark. Given lunch by WAAFS and Adjt produced car to Station. Reached London 6:30 and found AG.15 had done nothing! Overnight stay London. Awoken 3 am by bombs going off.
Thur 16 Sep
AG.16 about establishment. Lunch officers club. Interviewed Cpl York – quite unsuitable. Long time at London District HQ. Tried to get back to Elgin by air eventually got train. Newcastle at 5:30
Fri 17 Sep
Borrowed car from Moray sub area visited the barrack officers and hut. Visited lady Robertson at College. Overnight stay.

Station Status
Location not known
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Elgin Instation


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Beatrice Temple Diary
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