Haverford West Outstation

Haverford West Boatyard, Pembrokeshire
Call sign
Bramley 5
Up station
Special Duties Personnel

No personnel yet known for posting to this Network or Station.

Station description

It was concealed under a pumping engine in the boatyard according to Arthur Gabbitas. Bert Davis gave the location as either a boatyard or timber yard. He reports that this was a vintage single cylinder paraffin engine, started by spinning the large flywheel. The engine operated a saw in the yard. Measuring 6 feet by 4 by 3 it was a substantial piece of equipment, but even during the war was considered more suitable as a museum piece. It bore a plate giving its rating as 5 Horsepower. The cylinder was 6 inches in diameter.

Map Location

Haverford West Outstation


Bert Davis