Mumbles Outstation

Mumbles nr Swansea, Glamorganshire
Call sign
Bramley 3
Up station
Special Duties Personnel

No personnel yet known for posting to this Network or Station.

Station description

The wireless was concealed within a dugout. Bert Davis recalled the location as Oxwich Bay, to the west of Mumbles Head. Cefn Bryn as the highest point in that area is a possible approximate location.

Jack Millie recalled a location about 10 miles west of Swansea which would be consistent with this. He described a site on a remote farm, about a quarter mile from the nearest track. In December 1942, this OB flooded and the men were tasked with recovering the equipment. In freezing rain, Signalman Hemstock stripped off, diving into the water to release the two pegs holding the false door. Jack Millie then dived inside to retrieve the wireless set and batteries, hauling them up the ladder.

At this point the team realised they had no towels or anything to dry the frozen men. Hurrying back to their car, Driver Murrow, on direction from Lt Wemyss, took them straight to the nearest pub to warm up in front of the open fire, with the aid of several whiskies.

Incredibly, the set was returned to operational use as it worked perfectly after drying out. Jack Millie was less convinced by his own recovery, recalling how chilled he still felt when going on leave to Scotland the following day.

Map Location

Mumbles Outstation


Bert Davis
Jack Millie