Thorrington Scout Camp Outstation

Thorrington Scout Camp, Essex
Call sign
Chiswell 2
Up station
Special Duties Personnel

No personnel yet known for posting to this Network or Station.

Station description

During the war, a group of Boy Scouts returned to their prewar camping ground, which had been closed for the duration of hostilities. They were suprised to discover an hollow sound while crossing the site and investigated, finding and opening a hatch. Inside they found stores and explosives and nervous about their find left well alone. When the camp was reopened, Ron Gooding found the dugout intact, with a shaft going down into it and the interior still fitted out. The site was witnessed being destroyed at the end of the war.

This site was originally thought to have been a Patrol OB, but doesn't have links to any of the Patrols in the area, whose OB locations are known at least approximately. It now seems likely that this was a Special Duties location, given its location on high ground with line of site to Halstead along the Colne Valley.

Map Location

Thorrington Scout Camp Outstation


Duncan Brown (one of the Boy Scouts concerned)
Info from Ron Gooding, Parham Museum 4 Jul 2021