Torberry Hill Outstation

Little Torberry Hill, near South Harting, Sussex
Call sign
Harston 16
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator Mr James Halbert Renwick Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Station description

The wireless was concealed in a dugout. A little over half a mile on the Petersfield road from Harting, a lane leads off to the right, round the base of a small hill called Little Torbury Hill.  

A tunnel was dug west to east under the shoulder of the hill. To enter it, you had to find a particular small tree stump (among many others). Clearing away the earth and leaves disclosed a trap door to which the stump was attached. This hinged up to allow access to a chamber about six feet square and perhaps eight feet deep. It was lined with larch posts, set vertically, and apparently had no exit. However, in one of the posts was drilled a hole approximately a quarter of an inch in diameter. A piece of fencing wire pushed into the hole tripped a catch. A section of the wall could then be swung back, allowing access to a tunnel similarly lined with larch, and at the other end – on the other side of the ridge – was an exit similar to the entry. This was to be used only in an emergency. The radio room was off the main tunnel through another concealed door.

James Renwick wrote a short article on his memories of the site.

Station Status
Location not known
Map Location

Torberry Hill Outstation


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