Upper Dicker then Wilmington Outstation

Parkwood Farm, Upper Dicker, then Priory Farm, Wilmington, Sussex
Call sign
Harston 4
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator Mr Percy William Ade 1943 20 Jul 1944
Operator Mr Sidney Thomas Dinnis Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Station description

It was initially at the home of the operator Sidney Dennis at Park Wood Farm, Upper Dicker. It was located inside a cupboard in a locked room in the house.

During the war, in 1943, Sidney Dinnis moved to a tenanted farm a few miles away closer to the coast, Priory Farm, Wilmington near Polegate, East Sussex. This land included the Long Man of Wilmington or the Wilmington Giant. This was of course turfed over. He had a wireless aerial up the chimney. The Farmhouse was demolished and replaced in 2013.

Mr Percy Ade, thought to be involved at Cowbeech Outstation, lived in the next door Wilmington Priory in 1939 and through to his death in 1948. He may have been an Operator or an Observer.

As children in the 1950s his grandchildren knew the subsequent owners of the Park Wood Farm and played in the wood behind the farmhouse. A bunker was situated at the higher end of the wood surrounded by a wide spread of low growing brambles. Documentary evidence from a war diary at The National Archives has proven it to have been built by the army as an experimental bunker whilst based in the area for a period of time and not SD related.

Station accessibility
This OB is on private land. Please do not be tempted to trespass to see it
Station Status
Location not known
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Upper Dicker then Wilmington Outstation


Secret Sussex Resistance, Stewart Angell/Arthur Gabbitas
Peter Hibbs
Granddaughter Margaret Wreay