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Lists recorded by Major Malcolm Hancock based at Coleshill House around September 1944 show Herefordshire was Group 2, and formed part of area 19 which also included Worcestershire (Groups 1a and 1b), Monmouthshire (Group 3) and latterly from 1943 part of Glamorganshire (Groups 4a and 4b).

There were some changes in Patrols and personnel over time, and the Group structure did not exist earlier in the war, but it provides a useful way to look at the Patrols.

The Herefordshire nominal roll is recorded in Patrol order.

Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Monmouthshire Patrols were given Biblical code names. It is assumed this was an initiative of Todd to prevent the use of Patrols locations names. 


The first Headquarters that is known is the home of the second Intelligence Officer, Captain Sandford at Eye Manor, near Leominster. Presumably it moved when he did and from at least the 10 August 1943 it was at Holmer, Hereford.

From 27 September 1944 Herefordshire came under Area 4 for its administration with its Headquarters at East Street, Ashburton, Devon.

Intelligence Officers (IO)
Role Name Posted from Until
Intelligence Officer Captain John Stewart Ellerman Todd 22 Jul 1940 Unknown
Intelligence Officer Captain Christopher C. Sandford 15 Jul 1941 1943
Intelligence Officer Captain Henry Lloyd Fielding Bucknall 12 Nov 1943 22 Apr 1944
Intelligence Officer Major William Welchman Harston 27 Sep 1944 03 Dec 1944
Scout sections

No Scout Section is known to have operated in Herefordshire.

Map of Patrol locations

Bromyard Patrol

Hereford Patrol

Leominster Patrol

Letton Patrol

Ross-on-Wye Patrol

Wall Hills Patrol